Door Knobs and Levers

Door handleFind your perfect door hardware supplier. We review, find and test door hardware from a large range of companies to help you find the perfect fit for your application.

The selection of door hardware comes down to 3 main factors:

  1. The required functionality – What functions do you require? deadlock, high security, ease of use, electronic etc.
  2. The design – What colour, what material, what shape and design? What is going to suit your door and environment. Are there weather conditions to consider – rain and or salt air?
  3. The budget – What is your best option within your given budget? What level of quality can you get on a budget?

Door knobAlso worth considering is the installation, some door handles and locks are easy enough to install yourself (DIY), whilst others require a professional locksmith to install. If you select complicated hardware you’ll need to also budget for the installation costs.


Check out this video for some very stylish and interesting door handle and lever options.

DOOR INSTALLATION (The Quick Door Hanger) (CC)

Choosing a Door Hardware for Renovation

Once the door security locks have been installed during the initial stages of the building, it is assumed that they should last as long as possible. If possible they should stay forever and should be as old as the building. However, there may be a breakdown of the hardware that has been fixed on the door. This should be fixed as soon as possible since the door should always be secured at all times. The door should not go for a single day without having the desired hardware whether it be a deadlock, or basic lock. When there is a fault on the hardware one should strive at replacing. The following are the factors that should be considered when choosing a door hardware especially during renovation.

Choose a suitable color

During renovation the new hardware or lock should be a color that is suitable for the existing door. During such times the color of the door may be exchanged from its normal color into a new one. When the color has been changed, the color of the lock and door handles should also be changed. It should be suitable and convenient for the currently existing color of the door. Different people have different tastes in color. That is the reason why the same color of door, when fixed on the same type of doors can have different colors of lock from different buildings.

The Finish

The finish should also be desirable to the eye. Most of the door locks are made of metal. They may be silver, gold or bronze in color. The person whose decision should be put into consideration is the client who most probably is the owner of the building that is under renovation. The finishing should pleasant to the client and the other users. What may be pleasant to one person may not be pleasant to another person but they are all beautiful in their own ways.


One of the things that should be put into consideration also is the uniformity of the door locks and knobs. It is advisable to have all the door locks of the same color in order to be uniform and consistent. If all the locks are being changed as a result of renovation then they should be uniform. They should also be of the same type too. You can also that the door hardware confirms with the relevant building authority such as http://www.vba.vic.gov.au/

Mobility and flexibility

The new fixes should be as flexible as possible. They should be able to withstand friction. They should not be hard because they are new. If they are not flexible, they should be lubricated so that they can have maximum efficiency during their functionality. This is especially important if it’s a screen door lock as these are usually susceptible to weather and heavy use. A visitor should not notice that they are new just because they are hard with a lot of friction. When they lubricated with oil they are able to become mobile and reduce friction to a larger percentage.